finding The right finance solution 

Finances and initial capital outlay are often the biggest barriers businesses face, when they’re looking to adapt and change their properties by investing in technology that generates green energy.

At Engenera Renewables Group, we can remove some of these barriers and make the journey to becoming carbon neutral a reality. 

We believe everyone deserves a cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable energy solution. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so we have multiple finance options available to help. We are one of the few companies in the UK able to fully fund the upfront costs of projects or pre-approve funding – meaning zero capital outlay to our clients.

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Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement is a specific and bespoke funding tool that enables our clients to install a sustainable energy solution with no up-front costs, with the added benefit of having the system fully maintained by our team of engineers. 

Energy prices will be fixed for up to 25-years – rising only with inflation – and contracts are fully transferrable, should your business ever be sold during the contract period. 

No upfront costs

You will benefit from reduced electricity rates, enabling you to save money on energy.

Reduced payments

Payments will only be made on electricity which is produced and used each month.

Instant energy savings

You’ll begin to see savings of approximately 15-30% from day one, increasing annually as energy prices from the power grid rise.

Fully maintained

Your system will be maintained fully by us. This means you don’t have to worry about anything other than giving us a call if you need us.

Outright Purchase

Some businesses are in the fortunate position to be able to purchase their new green technology outright. By doing so, they can benefit from significant savings and have the opportunity to generate additional income from Government schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Smart Export Guarantee.

We can incorporate a maintenance agreement as an additional quotation, to ensure you have peace of mind for the future.

Smart Export Guarantee

This is a financial reward to businesses from the Government, for exporting surplus energy back to the grid.

Renewable Heat Incentive

This is a financial reward to from the Government, for installing a renewable energy source at their home.

Large energy savings

We can help you to calculate how much energy you’ll save by installing a renewable energy solution at your business.

It’s Yours

If you’re in the position of purchasing a solution outright – it’s yours. No contracts, no interest – just one payment from you to us.

Green industrial revolution

Asset Finance

Businesses that have been trading over 36-months can apply for Energy Efficiency Finance with Engenera Renewables Group. We work with a panel of lenders to help structure to find the right solution whereby the savings generated by the renewable energy system pay off the initial outlay. The loan agreement period is typically 5 to 7-years with interest rates of between 3.5% and 7% (subject to status).

Simple Loan Repayments

The savings made by switching to a renewable energy solution, will cover the cost of the loan repayments.

Additional Savings

Once the cost of the loan has been paid off in full, all future revenue generated from the solution is business profit.

FCA Registered

We are FCA registered, which means you’re protected. We work with a network of finance companies to assist with your loan requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Your new renewable energy solution will instantly improve your businesses energy efficiency rating and output – reducing your carbon footprint.

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