Operations and Maintenance

An energy dashboard that helps your business?

Engenera offers comprehensive Operations & Maintenance packages for our clients in partnership with our supply chain. 

Utilising our own online portal dashboard for real-time remote management of a Solar PV installation, we monitor the Solar system to instantly identify any faults and provide on-going preventative guidance, as well as installation support.

The database calculates the Solar availability based on localised solar radiation readings. This enables the database to report at regular intervals on energy generation and efficiency. Engineering performance is also monitored, to ensure any efficiency improvements of each Solar solution are flagged.

How does it work?

Our dashboard provides a high-level overview of the information collected by the portal. This includes layouts, charts, reporting and any alerts.

Notifications are sent to Engenera, to report the Solar system has a fault or doesn’t match the expected generation yield.

Our team of engineers are dispatched within an agreed time period, to diagnose and fix the faults, using a joint workforce management solution.

In real-time, the Solar system stores all historical reporting. This enables Engenera to use the maintenance database to precisely charge for all units generated, ensuring accurate and timely Smart Export Guarantee payments.

A remote monitoring service (RMS), uses our system; including an assessment of the Solar system performance, to produce results.

User-friendly reports are produced, which demonstrate the performance of an individual system or portfolio against design and local irradiation data. In addition to reporting system performance, we can also identify carbon savings

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