Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps

What are Air and Ground Source
Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps can represent an efficient and environmentally friendly way to create heat for use in your business premises. They work by absorbing heat from a source and transferring it into a liquid. This is them compressed to increase the temperature further. Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the air while ground source heat pumps absorb heat from the ground.

Although powered by electricity, Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps are renewable energy sources – 75% renewable energy and 25% electricity. On average, every unit of electricity the pump uses for power, it will generate 3 to 4 units of heat.

The Key Advantages of Heat Pumps:

Lower energy bills compared with other heating technologies

Fully automated and easy to maintain

A big reduction in your carbon footprint

A range of finance and payment options available

A 4-step journey

At Engenera Renewables Group, we remain at the side of our clients through the whole process: from initial assessment to planning and design installation to the long-term care and maintenance of equipment. Walk through the process with us here:

Our professional and experienced team will complete an initial thorough assessment of your premises. We will determine your unique energy needs and consider the different options available to you based on the type and size of your premises. We will then draft a bespoke plan with our recommendations detailing potential savings and timescales.

Once recommendations have been discussed, we input all the relevant information to our specialist design team. They will and run simulations to calculate energy requirements, potential generation and use this to design a system perfectly suited to your needs. They will also establish the total savings and return on investment (ROI) the system will produce.

Once an exact plan has been agreed, we will supply and install all of the cutting-edge technology required for your Heat Pump system. Our experienced network of specialist technicians and engineers pride themselves on completing projects with minimum disruption to your business, using the highest quality equipment.

We like to form long-term relationships with our clients. We can arrange a comprehensive quote for insurance, 24/7 monitoring and system maintenance, and the peace of mind that we are on hand to discuss any problems with the system for years to come. We will check it is running as efficiently as possible, maximising the benefit to your business.

Ways to Pay

Engenera Renewables Group is one of the few companies in the UK, qualified to pre-approve funding. This puts us in a great position to assist your business in removing the initial outlay, and provide cheaper energy rates for years to come.

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