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Ambitious government targets to ensure the UK and EU economies produce net zero emissions by 2050, mean a range of schemes and incentives are being rolled out to help and encourage businesses to embrace and invest in technologies that produce green energy.

Embracing such initiatives help businesses save money, enhance their reputation and commitment to social responsibility – and it is good for the environment and future generations.

There is also an ever-growing range of sophisticated technologies ranging from solar power to battery storage to combined heat & power available that will suit the specific needs businesses of different sizes in different sectors.

Engenera Renewables Group is the decarbonisation partner of choice for companies of all sizes. We complete a free assessment of the options available before helping our clients through every step of the journey to become carbon neutral.

We are also one of the few companies in the UK able to fully fund the upfront costs of projects – meaning zero capital outlay to our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Installing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels which convert sunlight into electricity for your business. This can be used as it is generated, stored for when you need it – or sold back to the grid. It will reduce your business’s electricity spend and improve your carbon footprint. What is more, we can install Solar PV at no capital outlay to the client.  

Environmentally friendly, ultra-efficient batteries can be used to store electricity generated by Solar PV so it can be used when you need it – often when electricity prices are highest. They allow your business to create a dependable and efficient power system completely powered by renewable energy – and take a big step towards becoming carbon neutral.


Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can represent an efficient and environmentally friendly way to create heat for use in your business premises. They work by absorbing heat from a source and transferring it into a liquid. This is then compressed to increase the temperature further. Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the air while ground source heat pumps absorb heat from the ground.

Combined Heat & Power is an energy efficient technology that generates electricity by capturing the heat that would otherwise be wasted to produce thermal energy. It can be especially useful for companies that require energy for heating or cooling – or it can be used in industrial processes. It can save businesses a lot of money and moves them towards becoming carbon neutral.  

With government incentives designed to increase the use of electric cars becoming more lucrative, now is a great time to reconsider what powers your entire fleet of vehicles. Installing EV Charging Stations onsite enables employees to charge their vehicles whilst in the office – reducing fossil fuel usage. When combined with the use of Solar PV solutions, the savings can be significant and help move your business to becoming carbon neutral.

LED (light-emitting diode) offer fantastic savings for companies due to their energy efficiency, which can be 75% of traditional light bulbs, and long service life. This is often the easiest change many companies can make when pivoting to carbon neutral – but it is one that can make a significant impact on both their energy spend and reducing carbon footprint.

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Energy Efficiency Award National Installer of the Year

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